High school students meet to develop job readiness skills, prepare post high school plans, and participate in devotions designed to inspire faith.

9th and 10th grade male and female students gather for lunch and fellowship every other week. The 9th graders have lessons in hard and soft job skills, such as resume writing, interview skills, ethics and behavior in the workplace.  The 10th graders learn about various vocations and post-secondary options, including college, technical schools, and the military. In addition, every 10th grader prepares a post-secondary plan that includes how they'll reach their goals, including high school classes they intend to take, extra-curricular activities, jobs and internships.

The students are led by our trained staff and we bring in a variety of guest speakers and volunteers to help the students in these areas.

In a  survey of our high school students....

  •  75% participate in extracurricular activities
  • 66% had a job
  •  50% volunteered
  • 80% developed a post-high school plan
  • 90% had a GPA greater than 2.0
  • 90% are not using drugs
  • 0% are in a gang
  • 0% have had a child out of wedlock