Pathways High School Program Director

The Pathways Director is focused on supporting high school male/female students and families. Primary responsibilities for this role focus on preparing students to make successful transitions into high school and young adulthood. Our activities with Pathways are School Year Leadership Sessions, Missions Trip and Summer Internships. We also partner with Young Life to connect students with Life Coaches.

Areas of Responsibility & Specific Duties: **

Small and large group instruction (focuses on leadership, spiritual formation, social/emotional development, vocational readiness, post-secondary planning)

  • Research and implement lessons according to our logic model
  • Lead instructor for large and small group sessions
  • Utilize and train assistants (could be staff members and or volunteers) who will help with instruction
  • Ensure methods of instruction are appropriate for age groups and connect with students various learning styles
  • Issue and collect pre and post tests and our student surveys
  • Collect information for data collection for students in grades 9-12 and those in their first year after graduation
  • Recruit and prepare guest presenters
  • Lead pre trip and internship meetings
  • Research and provide referrals for services we are unable to provide
  • Assist with Foundations Classes for 8th grade students at our partner schools
  • Meet with students during lunch times at their respective high schools

Activity Coordination

  • Contact parents and families
  • Gather prayer requests from families and distribute to our pray partners
  • Set up facility use and trip locations
  • Develop Calendars
  • Create communication pieces (fliers, posts, etc.)
  • Plan and attend a week-long mission’s trip
  • Develop transportation plans
  • Develop relationships with businesses for internships
  • Secure food and supplies
  • Determine what supplies and equipment are needed
  • Ensure all students hand in registration forms
  • Organize and store supplies and equipment
  • Help evaluate program and make suggestions for improvements
  • Track and distribute incentives
  • Coordinate with all partnership agencies and seek to develop new ones

Volunteer Support

  • Provide orientations and training
  • Supervise and show appreciation
  • Make sure they are being utilized in meaningful ways
  • Provide ongoing communication
  • Match students with volunteers and monitor progress
  • Recruit volunteers for various roles (i.e. presenters, leadership coaches, life coaches)

 Other Responsibilities

  • Assist with fundraising and or partnering activities
  • Assist with transportation

**Note: The areas of responsibility and specific duties cover most tasks and activities but may change as needed by the program, students, parents, sponsors or at the request of the Program Director

Skills, Abilities and Personal Attributes:

Excellent interpersonal, oral communication, instructional and writing skills; adeptness in organization and program planning, time management, oral and lesson presentation abilities professionalism, and literacy in basic Microsoft applications. Detail oriented with ability to influence and inspire others. Other desirable traits:

Humble, initiative, steadfast, caring, spiritually mature, self-control, motivated, culturally aware, proactive, evaluator/gifted instructor

Minimum Job Requirements:

Ability to: be active and stay with groups of students for long periods of time while maintaining a calm and encouraging demeanor, work in communities that may have high crime areas, and support our statement of belief as a Christian organization.  This position requires the candidate to have access to and utilize a fully insured personal vehicle for local travel daily. Current programs are primarily conducted in Saturdays and during the summer months.

Required Work Experience:

Two years of experience providing instruction to high school students and or directing a youth development program

Preferred Work Experience:

Four years of instructional and program directing a youth development program in an urban setting for middle/high school students

Required Education:

College degree in a related field

Preferred Education:

Bachelor’s Degree in related field with additional trainings and or certifications

 Job Type: Full Time

Salary and Benefits: Competitive pay with health insurance, retirement, generous paid time off as well as school holidays/breaks, very supportive work environment, and some schedule flexibility

Please send your resume and cover letter to Kevin Good