Thank you for considering a donation. The support of donors like you helps us provide programs to meet the varying needs of the at-risk youth we serve and to increase the number of youth impacted by our program.

If you would like to donate appreciated stock or discuss other strategic giving opportunities, please contact Kevin Good at

We greatly appreciate all donations. In addition, we offer scholarship and sponsorship opportunities:

Scholarship for a high school student – Provide a $500 scholarship to fund the cost for one student to participate in a full year of the Pathways program where they will develop job readiness skills, prepare post-secondary plans, and participate in devotions designed to inspire faith.

Scholarship for elementary or middle schoolers – Provide a $1,000 or $2,000 scholarship to fund the cost for one student to participate in a half or full year of our program, including during school classes, small group meetings with staff  mentors, weekly Shine or Game Plan meetings, and a summer retreat.

Sponsor a Program – A donation of $5,000 sponsors a program of boys or girls. You can choose to sponsor Foundations, Shine Into Womanhood, Game Plan to Manhood, or the Pathways program.



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The Impact Of Your Donation

  • Improved conduct and civic engagement
  • Improved advocacy and conflict resolution skills
  • Growing relationship with God and emotional maturity
  • Expanded vocational knowledge and readiness
  • Higher likelihood of high school graduation
  • Students prepared to succeed in high schools, colleges, jobs, and community service
  • Eventually, mature adults who are equipped to mentor and be role models to the next generation.

Donation Options

All gifts are appreciated and with each donation you will recieve a thank you, program update and statement of giving for tax purposes.

Major Gift Donation


Donations above $5000 dollars provide us with the resources to improve programs and fund scholarships for many students. 

Full Scholarship


A donation of $2500 provides a full scholarship  for one of our students. A scholarship for our programs can provide a student with opportunities that they may not have otherwise.

Partial Scholarship

$1000, $500, $250, $100

Any, and all, donations make an enormous impact on our ability to better the lives of our students, and,  in turn, impact their ability to better serve our communities. 

Mail Your Donation Today

All checks are made payable to Acts4Youth and mailed to P.O. Box 11068, Baltimore, MD. 21212.