Important Message from the Board

Dear Friends of Acts4Youth:

As the seasons inevitably change, so too do the opportunities, challenges, and faces of our ministry.  We write to announce a change in the leadership structure of Acts4Youth.  Kevin Good, founder and Executive Director of Acts4Youth has resigned from Acts4Youth, effective October 24, 2020, to pursue other opportunities and a broader scope of urban ministry.

The Board expresses its sincere appreciation for Kevin’s service to Acts4Youth over the last 12 1/2 years, as well as his vision, dedication, and service to the youth of Baltimore.  Lives have been changed as a result of Kevin’s good work, and the Board is truly grateful.

In Kevin’s words, “As the founder and Executive Director for twelve years, I look back on my season with Acts4Youth and give thanks to God for his provision, guidance, and presence.  He was faithful to ignite a vision to serve youth through partnerships with various community organizations, and to plant seeds which produced fruit in the lives of youth, families, and staff that bring satisfaction, joy, and gratitude.”

We are also pleased and excited to announce that Dawn A. RobertsMark has been named Acting Executive Director of Acts4Youth.  Dawn has served as the organization’s Chief Operating Officer since 2019 and has led the integration of Acts4Youth’s social and emotional learning programs into our traditional mentoring structure.

Additionally, Dawn has been instrumental in Acts4Youth’s program development, staff leadership, and nurturing and sustaining the organization’s school partnership.  Dawn has over 15 years’ experience in working with young people, and the Board is excited for the opportunities ahead.  Attached is a communication from Dawn highlighting the work that Acts4Youth is doing in the current distance-learning environment

We are grateful for your continued support of Acts4Youth and its mission to fill in the “missing pieces” to adulthood: faith, character, emotional maturity, and life and social skills.  We remain steadfastly committed to the youth of Baltimore and are excited about the challenges and opportunities ahead.  With your help, and by God’s grace, we will continue to change lives.


The Acts4Youth Board




Dear Friends,

I hope that you are well and enjoying the beauty of the autumn season. With the leaves changing from green to red, orange and yellow, and the winds shifting from warm to cool, it is no wonder autumn is considered a season of change.

Seasons are a reminder that change is inevitable. We, all of us, have been living in an unprecedented season, facing the many challenges of the novel coronavirus (COVID-19).  Despite these challenges, I am grateful and encouraged by the faith, resiliency, tenacity, and drive exhibited by the teachers, school administration, families, and students with whom we partner at Walter P. Carter Elementary/Middle School in Baltimore City.

As one can imagine, our in-person programming plans for the 2020-2021 school year shifted because of the pandemic.  The programming team made necessary implementation adjustments over the summer in preparation for the shift to supporting our student community on a digital platform.  I am happy to report that due to the accessibility of online learning platforms, we have been able to meet and work with our students on a daily basis.

Here is a snapshot of 2020-2021 programming:

  • Intermediate grade spiritual formation sessions during lunch
  • Virtual SEL (Social and Emotional Learning) in-class support to teachers during classroom instruction Grades-4-8
  • Virtual SEL out-of-class support to students upon request of student and/or teacher grades 6-8
  • Intermediate virtual learning experiences in leadership, workplace and high school readiness
  • High School Student check-ins for 8th grade graduates entering 9th grade in 2020-2021 (virtual, as well as limited in-person visits)
  • 9th graders mentoring 8th grader for academic, social/emotional support and encouragement
  • Monday-Thursday 1-hour sessions with the 7th graders: before school check-ins (with and without parents)/during school lunch breaks/after school check-in (with/without parents)
  • 2x week 1-hour morning Teacher-focused SEL professional development sessions
  • 5x week 1-hour mid-day teacher focused SEL professional development sessions
  • Virtual Fieldtrips for 7th and 8th grade utilizing Pratt Library resources
  • SEL Family Impact University (2021)

As you can see, notwithstanding COVID-19, the Acts4Youth team continues to provide support, attention, care, and encouragement to the Walter P. Carter students, staff, families, and community.  Indeed, our Kingdom work goes forward notwithstanding organizational and societal changes.

We are grateful for your continued support and contribution to the important work of the organization. Thank you!

Peace to you and yours,

Dawn A. RobertsMark