Acts4Youth hosts several events to draw attention to the needs of the youth it serves. 

Urban Youth Experience

God’s presence brings restoration. In the midst of news reports filled with violence, crime, and injustice, it could be convenient to overlook God’s imprint on Baltimore City and lose sight of his redemptive purposes.

Kevin Good, who has lived in the city for 20 years, will narrate a trip in Pen Lucy that captures the typical day in the life of a youth. Afterwards, an Acts4Youth staff person who grew up in a similar neighborhood will share the great potential he sees for youth to become assets in their communities.

This event and discussion will give you a chance to look beyond the reports and engage your mind and heart in the many challenges facing youth in our city.

A simple lunch will follow the program.

We will meet at Faith Christian Fellowship Church, 505 E. 42nd St., Baltimore

To RSVP, register here. 

Acts4Youth Benefit Dinner

The 2018 benefit dinner was held on April 11th at Johns Hopkins Charles Commons. The guest speaker was Dr. Sonja Santelises, CEO of Baltimore City Schools. Students had a prominent role in the program this year, which was themed "Roses from Concrete." Student Ambassadors sat at tables with guests.

Dr. Santelises has spent her career in urban education in New York, Boston and Baltimore school systems and as Vice President for K-12 Policy and Practice at The Education Trust, with a focus on building high quality teaching and learning to help students excel. She is most excited by “watching our kids accomplish things every day that many people assumed they couldn’t do.”

Dr. Santelises follows a lineup of previous year's inspirational keynote speakers, including former Baltimore City mayor Kurt Schmoke, author and radio program host Wes Moore, and Chief Melvin Russell, commander of the Baltimore Police's community partnership division.