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Acts4Youth nurtures personal, social and spiritual development in at-risk Baltimore City youth through its mentoring programs. Its vision is to see Baltimore City youth restored to wholeness and thriving within their communities.

Here we are "live" with Mr. Dan, Acts4Youth staff. Watch this to hear the new exciting things God has been doing through this amazing ministry partner.

Posted by Central Presbyterian Church on Wednesday, September 6, 2017

Filling in the Missing Pieces to Adulthood



Refining traits that direct actions and guide a student through circumstances in virtuous ways leading to pathways of success


Emotional Maturity

Developing the ability to understand and express emotions in a mature manner in order to connect with others in positive ways


Life & Social Skills

Learning skills to prepare for future success in dealing with conflict, developing healthy relationships and working as productive members of teams



Having a desire to know God and a growing reliance on His character and promises displayed in convictions and ethical actions

Our Programs

This new program, being piloted at Walter P. Carter elementary/middle school, is for all students in 4th through 8th grade to nurture their emotional intelligence and help them develop healthy relationships.  Learn More

Gameplan to Manhood
Gameplan is for boys in grades four through eight to help them live out their faith in the context of their role as a male in society.  Learn More 

Shine into Womanhood
The focus of this program for girls in 4th through 8th grade is on helping them develop their inner beauty by intentionally nurturing their character, emotional, social, and spiritual development. Learn More 

High school students meet to develop job readiness skills, prepare post high school plans, and participate in devotions designed to inspire faith. Learn More 


"Before I felt that God didn’t love me. Mr. Dan [our mentor] told me about God’s love and how God created me. Now I feel God’s love."

- 8th grader at Walter P. Carter School


“The biggest challenge Acts4Youth has helped me work through is anger. Every time I got angry, I had to do a time out worksheet. It made me think about how I want to do things differently next time. I started staying away from those people [who made me angry], taking deep breaths, and counting to ten.”

- 6th grade boy who has been attending Acts4Youth’s program since 4th grade

“When you love the children like I do, this is the best job in the world."

- Daniel King-Robertson, Acts4Youth Student/Parent Advisor

“I learned about God and how He sacrificed Himself to help us. I hadn’t heard about it before…. It changes how I think about myself.”

- 7th grade boy after his first year in Acts4Youth’s program

"It's awesome. I love Acts4Youth. I wish there was an Acts4Youth for moms, so they could keep us encouraged."

- Tanika Poole, mother of a 7th grade student in Acts4Youth

“I didn’t realize they did all of this. Acts4Youth has been such a help to my son and me. We are so thankful!”

- Ms. Knox, mother of an Acts4Youth student 

"Acts4Youth helped me realize that you don't have to be bad to get attention."

- 5th grade student, after her second year in the Acts4Youth Program 

Ways To Support Us

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Become A Partner

We partner with various organizations around the community in hopes of providing diverse and enriching opportunities for our students. 

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Make A Donation

Donations provide us with the resources to develop programs that fit the varying needs of our students. All donations go directly to student support

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Become A Volunteer

There are always a number of volunteer opportunities available that allow interested applicants to get involved in our programs. 

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