What We Do

Acts4Youth nurtures personal, social and spiritual development in at-risk Baltimore City youth through its mentoring programs. Its vision is to see Baltimore City youth restored to wholeness and thriving within their communities.

Filling in the Missing Pieces to Adulthood



Refining traits that direct actions and guide a student through circumstances in virtuous ways leading to pathways of success


Emotional Maturity

Developing the ability to understand and express emotions in a mature manner in order to connect with others in positive ways


Life & Social Skills

Learning skills to prepare for future success in dealing with conflict, developing healthy relationships and working as productive members of teams



Having a desire to know God and a growing reliance on His character and promises displayed in convictions and ethical actions

Our Programs

Gameplan to Manhood
Our mentoring programming starts in grade four and progresses through an elementary/middle school path to a high school path. Each path has activities and a curriculum that are designed to help the participants become good students, teammates, citizens and employees.  Learn More 

Shine into Womanhood
Acts4Youth mentoring program for girls begins this fall! The focus of the program will be on helping girls develop their inner beauty by intentionally nurturing their character, emotional, social, and spiritual development. Learn More 


"Acts4Youth is one of if ot the only Christian organization offering solutions to at-risk boys through after school and summer academies that address academic, social, emotional, vocational, and spiritual needs across elementary, middle, and high school."
- Research/Marketing Group Loyola University

“The biggest challenge Acts4Youth has helped me work through is anger. Every time I got angry, I had to do a time out worksheet. It made me think about how I want to do things differently next time. I started staying away from those people [who made me angry], taking deep breaths, and counting to ten.”

- 6th grade boy who has been attending Acts4Youth’s program since 4th grade

“I’ve learned [at Acts4Youth] that some people are different from others, and no matter if you’re different, you can still succeed. When you can’t get it right, just do your best.”

- 4th grade boy after his first year Acts4Youth’s program.

“I learned about God and how He sacrificed Himself to help us. I hadn’t heard about it before…. It changes how I think about myself.”

- 7th grade boy after his first year in Acts4Youth’s program

“They [Acts4Youth leaders] get us to meet new people, make friends, make peace with the world, be a leader and not a follower.”

- 8th grader who has been with Acts4Youth’s program for 4 years

“I didn’t realize they did all of this. Acts4Youth has been such a help to my son and me. We are so thankful!”

- Ms. Knox, mother of an Acts4Youth student 

“I can never seem to touch the football or run because my shoe’s always coming off. But at Acts4Youth, the boys throw the ball to me.”

- 4th grade student, after his first year in the Acts4Youth Program 

Ways To Support Us

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Become A Partner

We partner with various organizations around the community in hopes of providing diverse and enriching opportunities for our students. 

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Make A Donation

Donations provide us with the resources to develop programs that fit the varying needs of our students. All donations go directly to student support


Fundraise For A4Y

Each year we organize an Acts4Youth Running Team. The team runs or walks to raise money for the Acts4Youth program. Please join us!

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Become A Volunteer

There are always a number of volunteer opportunities available that allow interested applicants to get involved in our programs. 

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Recent News

First Acts4Youth Boys Graduate from High School!

By Lesley Simmons | Jul 17, 2017

The first Acts4Youth boys, who joined the program as 4th and 5th graders, graduate from high school! Read more here.

New Curriculum: Wait Training

By Lesley Simmons | Apr 3, 2017

“Many of the kids don’t even realize that choosing not to have sex is an option. This curriculum helps them make a plan, including setting clear boundaries.” To read more click here.

Kevin Good, Acts4Youth’s executive director, honored as Fox45 Champion of Courage

By Lesley Simmons | Mar 16, 2017

Q&A with a Volunteer Mentor (Part 4 of 4)

By Lesley Simmons | Feb 24, 2017

In this final part, Greg discusses the kids’ behavior when he decided to continue with Acts4Youth this past September, including who he believes has helped their behavior. He also discusses what Acts4Youth’s positive impact could do for these kids. Read part 1, 2, and 3 here. What has been most surprising? After being there for…

Q&A with a Volunteer Mentor (Parts 1, 2, and 3)

By Lesley Simmons | Feb 2, 2017

“Working with the kids is an extremely gratifying experience; the satisfaction of watching the kids grow and develop personally and in faith is great. It enriches my own life as well.” Greg Barnes is a second year volunteer mentor for Acts4Youth. He mentors 4th/5th grade boys from Walter P. Carter and Guilford about twice a…

Day in the Life of Acts4Youth

By Lesley Simmons | Jan 4, 2017

On the way to their homes from Acts4Youth, the boys in the Guilford/Walter P. Carter Elementary School Program agreed it was a “great day, one of the best ever.” It just happened to also be the day we selected to capture their day in pictures… To read more click here.  

October Newsletter

By Lesley Simmons | Nov 21, 2016

After the lesson, Daniel asked one boy, who was wearing a gang rag, “Why do you wear that?” The boy told him that he admired the gang’s lifestyle. Click to read more

Just Another Day in Acts4Youth

By Lesley Simmons | Oct 31, 2016

On a recent day… I met with a grandmother of a 4th grade student whose mom lost custody due to drug addiction and whose father who is nowhere to be found. Grandmom is doing her best, and her grandson is getting good grades and making friends. She wants the best for him and will do…

Annual Newsletter

By Lesley Simmons | Sep 12, 2016

In this year’s annual newsletter, we celebrate the highlights of 2015/16 school year and anticipate 2016/17 . This year the first boys who joined Acts4Youth in 2008 are high school seniors. Class of 2017! Click to read more.

June 2016 Newsletter

By Lesley Simmons | Jun 20, 2016

“They say we’re uneducated.  And we call ourselves savages. I say that we are liberated. We are more than what they say of us.” This is the beginning of a spoken word poem written by an A4Y middle school boy. Click to read more.